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Sephora’s Superstars September 29, 2007

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Have you ever walked into Sephora and walked out buying nothing? I definitely have but not because I didn’t like anything but because I just couldn’t pick which product to buy.

If you are like me chances are all those wonderful products and samplers, though they really do add up to a great experience, can add to your dilemma especially if you came in with nothing particular in mind. To help make up your mind you might want to go with what the beauty addicts voted as this year’s best beauty products.
Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil


Best Powder
Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil, $19
This powder will work for you no matter what you skin tone is. No need to worry if your face is looks paler or darker than your neck! Helps with oil control too! accessories

Hope in a Jar by Philosophy
Best Face Moisturizer
Philosophy Hope in a Jar, $15 – $38

Philosophy products are always fun. I love reading the labels. Hope in Jar though is really more than just great packaging. It gives results. Other Philosophy product winners include Purity Made Simple, Amazing Grace Shower Gel, Amazing Grace Fragrance and Coconut Body Butter.

Professionnel Bronzer Brush #44

Best Tool
Sephora Professionel Bronzer Brush #44, $25

Not all brushes are equal and this one, made of high grade goat’s hair will make sure you apply your make up evenly without irritating your skin.

For more of Sephora’s Superstars please visit their website.


Shining Glory September 21, 2007

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Who wants dry hair? Not me. And definitely not you. Let’s admit it: we all want glossy locks. Hair that seems to sparkle like a diamond even from a distance. Hair that looks and feels like a celebrity’s.

The bad news? Not all of us are born with beautiful, shiny hair. The good news? You can achieve it with fantastic hair shine products all set to transform that dead mop into a brilliant sheer!

First, you need some hair glitzin’ shampoo that deeply cleans your tresses and then moisturizes it for sealed-in shine. Check out this Smoothing Shampoo from sleek.look.

Perks: Cleans gently, replenishes moisture, softens texture, packs in the shine!

After shampoo, it’s conditioner time. And what better way to bring on the shine further than with a great glossing conditioner like this tress-nutritious Shine Hair Food.

Perks: Provides hair nourishment with a shiny finish!

If you think you always have to take a bath to be hair-glossy, guess what? You can add on the shine even when you’re not dripping with water! Many fab shine hairsprays are now available so that you can just spritz and smile whenever, wherever. Check out this Sun Shine Heat Activated Shine Spray from Simply Organic.

Perks: Gives weightless shine, conditions hair, and harmful chemicals-free.


The Chocolate Appeal September 7, 2007

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Who ever thought that the most versatile and delicious food ever

would find its way to beautifying us women who so love gorging on it?

Yes, beauty products made of chocolate are now being used all over the world to pamper women’s (and men’s!) skin just like it used to pamper our taste buds.

A little historical trivia: Did you know that chocolate was first used in 1100 BC, a time when blogging and Internet itself could not even be dreamed of, to say the least.

It used to be made into beverages, or cocoa. The word “cocoa” actually came from cacao tree, which was discovered to have pods that contains seeds that can be processed into chocolate. And the rest, shall we say, is history.

Centuries after, okay think of the year you were born, we can’t anymore imagine a world without chocolate. It has become the most popular “flavor” and the most used sweet ingredient. But who knew that it had beautifying powers as well?

For instance check out this super sweet Chocolate Orange Lip Balm. It’s not only made with real chocolate, it has orange extracts to boot, which adds zest to the yummy choco sensation. Make sure you’re ready for long smooches once your boyfriend gets a taste of your choco-laced lips.



Meanwhile, if you wanna smell like a choco brownie and make your boyfriend crazy just by sitting next to him, you can try this fabulous Chocolate Soap made with real chocolate and smells like a brownie, OR the very appetizing Chocolate Cupcake Soap. Mmm! Bet you’d have a hard time getting out of the shower with these chocolate treats!